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Futurity Works

Futurity Works aims to help consultancies unlock their imagination to think beyond the present and speculate possible futures, to adapt and build prevention for emerging needs. Our service consists of two parts, a future hackathon and an intelligence collective platform, to cultivate creative conversations through a fun way of storytelling and dynamic collaboration.


Service Design

Design strategies

Organizational design

Speculative Design





2020, Sep.-Dec.

My Role

User research


Prototype design

Service development

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The Future of Consulting Services

Reimagine new concepts of how consulting services might be shaped to meet new challenges for both markets and ways of work. Identify external challenges over 3-5 years and develop a new organisational design and ways of working.


Futurity Works is a service that transforms the way consultancies narrate their vision to clients through speculative storytelling frameworks, aiming to facilitate future design thinking. It consists of a hackathon and an intelligent digital platform, which are designed to help both employees and clients create curiosity and understand the value of speculating future scenarios. Through the collaborative activities during the hackathon, they can establish the short term strategies that could be adopted, such as prevention, adaptability, transformation and sustainability for emerging needs.

  • Cultivate creative discussions

  • Structure fun storytelling process

  • Foster collaboration

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing 

  • Building trust & foundations

  • Enhancing client engagement




Futurity Works is designed for tech consultancies that are passionate about transforming their existing ways of working in order to attain competitive edge.


Most of the tech consultancies are just being reactive to what clients ask for, by providing delivery-oriented solutions which will eventually lead to a decrease of competitiveness in the market. It is necessary for consultancies to be involved in the earlier stages of the design process and establish a collective understanding of creative thinking preferable futures with clients in order to build a long term relationship with them.


Our service aims to instill a future design thinking mindset into consultancies through our collaborative toolkit and platform, allowing them to put it into practice. Once they are confident in convincing their clients towards a more holistic way of thinking, they can engage them in co-creating sessions. The sessions are meant to get them to look into their future and what kind of transformational impact they might be able to make towards it. In the end, all the outcomes will be circulated between employees and clients in order to generate a creative solution and make an impact on society.

How might we help consultancies attain a competitive advantage, through instilling a future design thinking mindset?




Research insight analysis


Prototyped concepts and aligned the vision with internal stakeholders

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Presented in ThoughtWorks

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